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What is paid advertising?

Advertising is defined as any form of communication to current or potential client in which a registrant is promoting your online business. Online display advertising is the use of the Internet as an advertising medium where promotional messages appear on other websites and/or search engine results pages.

  1. Monitoring the Effectiveness of Advertising
  2. Banner Ads: Banner ads is the types of advertising deliver by the server side
  3. Print advertising
  4. How can I measure It

Promoting the post


You can create your own blog related your website where you can share website information, product information, its specification and more of feature which is important to promote your website and increase the visitor in the internet world.


The best way to find prospects on Twitter is to build that following! There are tips on how to do this in the viral marketing section of this book. Once you have a following, you can publish links to your website manually or by feeding your company’s blog into Twitter using a service like Twitter Feed. This won’t be true of everyone, but as a rule of thumb, Twitter users generally feel that 20% of self-promotion is the right amount. That means for every link to your company’s site, post 4 links to other interesting resources


There are several user upload millions of photos every day to their pages and like billion times each day There is two step approach to promote your website by Facebook. first one get as many fans as possible to visit your like page and give it a Like. Second as you can also suggest your nearest friend’s and more who know you it is the way to promote your website and increment the visitor of website.


LinkedIn is a great resource for individuals marketing services or companies that market primarily B2B. You can find groups and subgroups based around interests, professional function, and/or companies. There is also LinkedIn Answers where you can answer questions from potential clients and build a following that way.


Viral marketing campaigns are simply compelling messages that exploit common behaviors and utilize existing networks, that can be transferred effortlessly from person to person on a large scale.

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